Monday, January 24, 2011

CC A Delicious, Affordable Caberne

CC A Delicious, Affordable Cabernet 

At our first tasting of 2011, the final wine won our hearts and our minds. The wine was of the tasting exhibited a deep purpleand black color suggestive of wine made from Cabernet. This was confirmed by the gorgeous bouquet redolent of ripe dark berries and cassis contrasting with suggestive notes of tobacco, high-qualitynew oak and deep soil extract. On the palate, the wine offered an appealing blend of the ripe fruits so evident in the nose, a mouth enveloping softness and fullness with just the right presence of citrus acidity and tannin to support all the yummy flavors and give the wine a desirable spine. The wine turned out to be the C&C Cabernet Sauvignon selected, labeled and marketed by the dynamic vinous duo of Richard Betts and Dennis Scholl

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