Tuesday, January 4, 2011

nice article about drive toward HD everywhere

Forecasts have video accounting for about 90 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2013. Facebook says that people upload more than 100 million photos a day to its site alone.
$50Billion valuation means that Facebook is now worth more than companies such as Yahoo!, eBay, and Time Warner. MSNBC estimates that Mark Zuckerberg personally may be worth some $14 billion.

Under the very cool department... The new google based os tablets will have a form factor as small as 7inches with high res 1,280x720 screens. Google's new Android Honeycomb tablet OS will require a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor to run properly, said Bobby Cha, managing director of Korean consumer electronics firm Enspert.

Computer History Museum to highlight storage, from RAMAC to microdrives... Today's $60 1TB drive would have cost $1

trillion in the '50s.A modern-day 4GB stick of RAM would have cost $32 billion in the 50's.

Interesting new embedded 'extras' on itunes video properties.... "Buy the Will Ferrell comedy The Other Guys and you’ll notice three extras that can’t be found on DVD or any other digital platform. A search button allows you to input a word, and any mention of it in the script will be retrieved along with a link to the exact moment in the movie in which the line was uttered. A “clip & share” function lets the viewer take select scenes and post them to social networks. There’s also a playlist with songs from the film, which are linked to to places on iTunes where those songs can be purchased. The same features are also found on Sony’s Salt and Resident Evil: Afterlife" from paidcontent.org

Here have be 33Billion Kills in Halo Reach - that's only a 3month timeframe!

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