Monday, February 28, 2011

The ending of an Era - Saying Goodbye to the Discovery...

Its somewhat sad seeing the near end of public space travel due to Obama killing funding for all flight related projects including engine and rocket design, killed the moon mission, killed the mars mission and proclaiming let private sector take over. Yes if you have $150K to give to Virgin, You too could exclaim I am an astronaut (for 15minutes).  Also disappointing to see hundred of scientists getting fired due to cuts in NASA..   Maybe we need a balance of private/public..  At least slap on a Apple and Budweiser logo on the side of the shuttle and space station to keep a few more flights going...

Each ISS crew has had an awesome photographer utilizing that new window.
Live space photo blogging
Here are some Astronaut Tweets that someone located

Soichi Noguchi – (860+ photos)

Doug Wheelock – (170 photos)

Paolo Nespoli –

(ash and smoke)
blogging and flickring directly from the shuttle...

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