Thursday, April 28, 2011

second to last shuttle mission and Shuttle Endeavour's final planned mission, STS-134

live coverage

2011 will Set the Record for Most Movie Sequels

intense video clips of recent outbreak of tornadoes in the south...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tribeca Film Festival -, Charlie Rose interviews Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes and Joe Roth, a legendary Hollywood producer

With the Tribeca Film Festival hitting its 10th year, Bloomberg initiated Business of Entertainment program features interviews with top industry CEOs.  The always classy and fantastic host and interviewer, Charlie Rose. Program started with a conversation with Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, who served as the CEO of HBO and Time Warner's Entertainment and Networks group.   Bewkes briefly joked about his $26 Million paycheck in 2010.

Next up was Joe Roth, a legendary Hollywood producer, director, and former head of the Disney and Fox studios.  He's now running a 2 man production house.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fanastic Shuttle Painting by Mark Karvon

The Space Shuttle Atlantis launching from Launch Pad 39B. Shortly after lift-off the shuttle begins a roll program to orient the shuttle orbiter on the underside of the fuel tank for the 8 minute journey into orbit.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hawks in the hood....

Don't think this hawk likes Easter - Saw the little furry thing taken away by a hawk this morning on my friend's lawn...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Robots, so many Robots, yet where are they when you need them

I am not sure what to think, from a country (ie Japan) that seems to have fallen in love with robots, from dancing robots, humanoid robots, manufacturing robots, robots that hop and climb stairs, etc, yet the Tokyo Electric Power Comany owners of stricken nuclear plants has only just began using one of the two robots for inspection, both supplied by iRobot in Bedford, Massachusetts. The makers of vacuums. Either way, it's impressive for american technology and engineering...

Rocket Man - Elton John - Tribeca Film Opening Gala Night 2011

A little short clip of Rocket Man by Elton John - Tribeca Film Opening Gala Night 2011

Front row seats at Elton John concert for opening night of Tribeca Film Festival 10th year

The Tribeca Film Festival kicked off its tenth year with a fantastic mini concert by Elton John.   We had front row seats at the chilly riverside plaza at NYC’s World Financial Center last night.  Songs included ( “Tiny Dancer” and “Rocket Man”) followed the world premiere of The Union, Cameron Crowe’s new documentary about the making of John’s album with legendary pianist Leon Russell.
Grand opening night included performances by the PS22 school choir and the Bangles, along with introductory remarks by Denis Leary and Martin Scorsese.  

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Code name Mango - Next Generation of Windows Mobile

At Microsoft's MIX11, Joe Belfiore took the keynote stage to discuss the next Windows Phone update, codename "Mango," which will be "available to all current users of Windows Phone" and on new handsets, he said. Developer tools are coming next month.

Microsoft plans to release Mango in autumn. Countries where Windows Phone apps can be submitted will increase from 30 to 36. Applications will be available to download or buy in more countries -- 25 up from 16.
New features include a "jump list for apps," essentially the ability to use typographic keys to scan for documents. Very useful for users with lots of apps.. 
The phone has IE9 built in," Belfiore said. "It's the same exact code" as the PC. That means HTML5 capabilities, including hardware acceleration, on handsets running Mango. 

Interesting - It did not take long for the Flip to die a quick death..

Just 2 years after acquiring Pure Digital and its Flip camcorder line for $590 million, Cisco this week terminated the product line and laying off all 550 employees in the division.  Seems this thing called the iphone and android had a little to do with this....

Another Digital turning point - E-book sales top paperbacks for first time

E-book sales in February topped all over formats, including paperbacks and hardcovers.
"E-book sales totaled $90.3 million in February, up 202 percent compared to the same month a year earlier, according to a study from the Association of American Publishers. That put e-books at No. 1 “among all categories of trade publishing” that month — the first time e-books have beaten out traditional publishing formats."
$90.3 million for the entire month of February of all ebooks seems like a small number  - Microsoft makes  that revenue each 1.5 days.

Friday, April 8, 2011

'The Great Wave' by Hokusai (1760-1849)

Ok everyone's seen the famous work 'The Great Wave' by Hokusai (1760-1849) but did you know he's japan's least Japanese artist, he was totally Bohemian: cocky, quarrelsome, restless and hyper aggressive... changed his name thirty times and lived in at least ninety homes...  more

Interesting video of Toyko's land moving and contracting during the earthquake...

Japan Ground Moving And Cracking - Watch more Funny Videos

Smartphone manufacturing continues to explode...

Smartphone manufacturers are expected to ship more than 450 million smartphones in 2011 compared to the 303.4 million units shipped in 2010. These predictions show that the smartphone market is expected to grow by as much as 50 percent over the next year.  That is a staggering number....

Apple and 12 petabytes of new storage

Rumors are circulating from the keyboards of Apple geeks.  Why does Apple need such a massive amount of storage as in 12 petabytes, to be exact--from Isilon Systems, a division of EMC. Whispers are it's for video downloads of its iTunes'

12 petabytes equals 12,288 terabytes, or 12,582,912 gigabytes. Yes, that's a lot of disk storage.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Broadway show Spiderman

With summer quickly approaching, at least based on historical data that I've conjectured from this thing called a calender, I've been wanting to catch up on indoor activities including plays and movies before the warmer sun filled weather is upon new york...  Great seats at the performance last night...
'With Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' getting savaged by the critics but not necessarily the public, the show goes on hiatus April 19th for a major rewrite including the removal of the geek narrative.  My other suggestions would be to almost remove the entire Arachne side story and focus more on Professor Osborn after he accidentally kills his wife, slowly going insane to become the "Green Goblin." As in the edited photo above I think Osborn's wife should return, be it in his insane dreams or in reality and plays the female antagonist that was the role of Arachne in ACT II.

Mickaël Chrost - Revolutio -Concept Watch


Though it seems to be only a concept - the design of this modern wristwatch is stunningly clean... Minutes and hours are displayed on Revolutio’s rotating rings.  The center-less design is quite interesting interpretation of eternity and reminds that time has no real beginning or end.
Designer: Mickaël Chrost

Vrouyr Joubanian - Mouse

Vrouyr Joubanian - Mouse

As you might realize from the articles on design that I've posted, I am really into clean design style as in the KISS principle - keep it simple... Vrouyr Joubanian has created a mouse masterpiece of simplicity , only one button that functions all as right, left, middle clicks and scroll. The hollow, wireless mouse sports uneven thickness ranging from 4 to 10mm and all the electrical parts are contained in the bulky bottom. 

School Testing is too difficult by Obama Standards...

Seems Obama thinks that Bush's  'No Child Left Behind' mandate of proficiency in math and english is too difficult for certain students, so Obama wants less testing and more credit giving to just showing up to school. Meanwhile Japan and China have strict testing for advancement and Obama says testing just makes school boring.  Does he expect kids here to compete globally if they can just show up to class and tell happy stories... This in incredible coming from a sitting president, that's schools too hard so lets change the rules...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sequence of photos showing the power of the Tsunami hitting Minamisanriku, Miyagi Prefecture

New photographs show nine people including the mayor of the town clinging to a mast on a roof and railing as the Japanese tsunami destroys the building beneath them.
Photos taken by Shinichi Sato show the roof of the Minamisanriku Government Disaster Readiness Center in Minamisanriku, north-eastern Japan.
About 30 people fled to the roof of the three-story building and climbed higher as the tsunami rushed in.
Only nine people survived and about 20 were swept to their deaths.
With regards to the nuclear Fukushima Dai-ichi plant even good news leads to potential bad news...  They just stopped the contaminated water from leaking into the ocean, now the superheated fuel rods can pull explosive hydrogen from cooling water, so now that more water is going into the reactors to cool them down, the concern is that hydrogen levels are rising that could lead to an explosion..
So technicians were expected to start pumping nitrogen into the reactors early Thursday to counteract the hydrogen. They want to prevent hydrogen explosions. But nitrogen pumping has its risks too, since the injections release radioactive vapor into directly into the environment...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seagate's GoFlex Slim external hard drive is only 9 millimeters thick.

320-gigabyte version of the GoFlex Slim sells for $99.99. It is 38 percent thinner than current GoFlex drives and is roughly the width of a pencil. Spinning at 7200 RPM drive, it even has a (USB) 3.0 interface...

360 Panorama of quake damage in Rikuzen-Takada, Iwate, Japan 2011

Panorama of quake damage in Rikuzen-Takada, Iwate, Japan,10.48,46.4

coolest phone commercial i've seen in a long time.....

Southwest metal fatigue

The Southwest plane involved in the incident on Friday which had part of the outer skin ripped off had logged an incredible 39,000 takeoffs and landings for a 15-year-old aircraft...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Fact of the day - Canada's Mount Thor

The tallest vertical drop on Earth is Canada's Mount Thor, straight down drop of 1.25 kilometers.

Mount Thor, elevation of 1,675 m (5,495 ft) located in Auyuittuq National Park, on Baffin IslandNunavutCanada. The mountain is located 46 km (29 mi) northeast of Pangnirtung and features the Earth's greatest purely vertical drop at 1,250 m (4,101 ft), with an average angle of 105 degrees. Very remote though camping is allowed near Overlord Peak.
Caution - due to its remote nature the cold and dangerous landscape is not advisable for the unconditioned climber.  

Mount Thor is made up of solid granite is part of Baffin Mountains which in turn form part of the Arctic Cordillera mountain range. First climbed in 1953 by an Arctic Institute of North America team. The team members were Hans Weber, J Rothlisberger and F. Schwarzenbach.


Interesting Fact of the Day

An interest article in Fortune about the Earth's core and relationships of the planet's interior layers to earthquakes. I never knew that based on current readings in deep mines and boreholes that the internal heat of the earth rises incredible sharply with depth, reaching an estimated 2,500° Fahrenheit only fifty miles down.

If so much heat is internally generated, how did earth manage to go through a phase called 'snowball earth' when our entire planet was a sheet of ice millions of years ago... we are not talking the recent ice-age, but an ice-age so immense that the entire earth and oceans were under a sheet of ice miles thick..

Is there a post-postmodern?

What Comes After Postmodern Architecture?
A Conversation with Rafael Viñoly
Museum of the City of New York
1220 Fifth Avenue at 103rd Street
New York
Tuesday, April 5 at 6:30pm

"The recent building boom in New York City has radically altered the look and feel of the city and added considerably to the list of starchitects currently reshaping New York’s iconic skyline. It has also helped redefine boundaries of the eclectic pluralism of postmodern architecture. How do we label the current architectural style of the last decade? Is there a post-postmodern?"

Friday, April 1, 2011

Supernova 2008a is the brightest object ever observed....

I enjoy mind blowing stats like the following "Supernova 2008am, is 3.7 billion light-years away from Earth. At its peak luminosity, it was over 100 billion times brighter than the Sun. It emitted enough energy in one second to satisfy the power needs of the United States for one million times longer than the universe has existed"

Best ever video of Formula One V10 Engine Loud Sounds of Testing from Paddock

When I was in London, I happen to work for one of the few companies in the world that owned a Formula One Race Team. That allowed me unparalleled access to the driver and mechanics. This is part 1 of a video that I shot a few years back... Enjoy and turn up your speakers...

Interesting video of Red Bull Formula One Race Car Driven on the Beach