Thursday, April 7, 2011

Broadway show Spiderman

With summer quickly approaching, at least based on historical data that I've conjectured from this thing called a calender, I've been wanting to catch up on indoor activities including plays and movies before the warmer sun filled weather is upon new york...  Great seats at the performance last night...
'With Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark' getting savaged by the critics but not necessarily the public, the show goes on hiatus April 19th for a major rewrite including the removal of the geek narrative.  My other suggestions would be to almost remove the entire Arachne side story and focus more on Professor Osborn after he accidentally kills his wife, slowly going insane to become the "Green Goblin." As in the edited photo above I think Osborn's wife should return, be it in his insane dreams or in reality and plays the female antagonist that was the role of Arachne in ACT II.

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