Saturday, April 16, 2011

Code name Mango - Next Generation of Windows Mobile

At Microsoft's MIX11, Joe Belfiore took the keynote stage to discuss the next Windows Phone update, codename "Mango," which will be "available to all current users of Windows Phone" and on new handsets, he said. Developer tools are coming next month.

Microsoft plans to release Mango in autumn. Countries where Windows Phone apps can be submitted will increase from 30 to 36. Applications will be available to download or buy in more countries -- 25 up from 16.
New features include a "jump list for apps," essentially the ability to use typographic keys to scan for documents. Very useful for users with lots of apps.. 
The phone has IE9 built in," Belfiore said. "It's the same exact code" as the PC. That means HTML5 capabilities, including hardware acceleration, on handsets running Mango. 

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