Friday, June 24, 2011

World's thinnest smartphone?

Japanese mobile network operator NTT Docomo has unveiled three new handsets for its service, one of which it claims is the world’s thinnest 3G smartphone.
The three new available phones are the NEC Medias N-04C, the Sony Xperia SO-01C, and the Optimus Pad L-06C. It’s the Medias we are interested in here, though.  At 7.7mm thick or stall we say thin. Compared to the now thick iPhone 4 at 9.3mm thick making the Medias roughly 18% thinner. Plus a 4″ display (480 x 854 resolution) and only weighs 105 grams (iPhone 4 is 137 grams)...

And speaking of thin... Asus has unveiled the U36 which is being marketed as the world’s thinnest notebook to use a standard Intel i5 processor.  Till now ultra-thin notebooks have used low voltage processors to allow for a decent battery life. Somehow using a standard i5 CPU, Asus claims that their new notebook has 11 hours of battery life.

The laptop weighs 1.44kgs and is made of 19mm thick lightweight magnesium alloy with a nanometer coating which helps the notebook repel dirt, water and fingerprints.

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