Monday, December 12, 2011

Google Music - I've joined the cloud for my music

Ok the concept is perfect, your music library available on any device and any location... from phone to tv... how could anyone not like that... so here at home i have some 39,500 songs that i've encoded over the years from all the CDs that I used to buy... So Google limits your cloud library of music to 20,000. that should not be a problem since my tastes in music have evolved and I never archive anything... But first a little roadblock, be it time-warner upload speed or google upload, it will be a month of leaving my computer on to upload my lotted 20k songs... So once I have a few thousands songs I will give the service a full review... in the mean time, here are the professionals who get paid to review stuff like this... The service can handle MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, and OGG—more than iTunes Match, which doesn't support lossless FLAC (Google Music downgrades it to 320Kbps). Amazon only supports MP3 and AAC files up to 100MB.