Monday, January 30, 2012

Assume Augmented Advertisement: Hyundai Accent 3D projection mapping

Hyundai Accent 3D projection mapping

Ubud Hanging Gardens Possibly one of the world's most relaxing spas

Ubud Hanging Gardens located in Bali... Definitely need to go here soon.  This spa resort is designed to fully blend into nature.   

For a great blog and many more of his photos visit

Or checkout the actual resort  Resort Site Here

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Apple even without the iPhone 5 had some nice numbers. Plus world's fastest iPhone...

Apple sold $12 billion worth of iPads and iPhones to enterprise
customers in 2011 and that could more than double to $28 billion by
2013, Forrester estimates.

Apple also has a huge built up demand in Asia, we all know Apple had to delay sales the other day in Shanghai because the crowds for the iPhone4S were getting out of control...  Here are recent photos from Malaysia (

With the local carrier Maxis and iPhone 4S both supporting high speed 14.4Mbps HSDPA, the iPhone network speed is one of the fastest in the world...

Blue Waters, speeds of a thousand trillion operations a second (a petaflop)

National Petascale Computing Facility at the University of Illinois today, where they’re getting ready to install the Blue Waters supercomputer.  Source

 University of Illinois is hosting Blue Waters, a supercomputer that's supposedly will sustained speeds of a thousand trillion operations a second (a petaflop), With more than four years in development, the project had its start back in 2007 with the backing of the National Science Foundation. IBM worked on Blue Waters for three years until it gave up in August, 2011 due to technical and cost concerns, then old timer Cray took over the project.  Incredible it has more than 235 Cray XE6 cabinets (shown above), using AMD Opteron 6200 processors, and will also utilize more than 30 cabinets of an upcoming C ray XK6 computer with Nvidia Tesla GPUs.   The folks there say it will help study things like the formation of the cosmos, the behavior of hurricanes and tornadoes, and other highly complex systems such as is there any true value of having more than 1000 Facebook friends...

Super HD Blue Marble 2012 "High Definition Image of Earth"

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nice chart explaining the standard model


Mount Roraima one of the oldest geological formations on Earth

Bordering Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana - Mount Roraima is considered one of the oldest geological formations on Earth, dating back two billion years old with flora and fauna found nowhere else on earth.

great places to visit
Mt Roraima, Canaima National Park, Venezuela
Mt Roraima, Canaima National Park, Venezuela
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Friday, January 27, 2012

It is finally here.... Facebook to File for IPO Next Week....

High-end auto dealerships and expensive real estate brokers rejoice...  it is finally here.... Facebook to File for IPO Next Week....

"this will be the largest tech IPO in history, yielding around $10 billion for the social network. The next-largest tech IPO is Infineon, a German company that raised $5.9 billion in 2000. Google’s 2005 IPO, as big a deal as it was, didn’t even reach the $2 billion mark."

Monday, January 23, 2012

Massive Mobile Investment by VCs... Pumped $6.4 billion into mobile technology 2011

Mobile tech both backend and client is huge...  Massive spike on 2010...  mobile represented 30.4 percent of all tech investments worldwide... VCs pumped $6.4 billion into mobile technology 2011...

Gaints vs Patriots for Superbowl rematch 2012

Gaints vs Patriots for Superbowl rematch 2012 .  Having spent a greater part of my life in Boston and now residing in New York, My allegiance stays with Boston.  Hopefully Brady can perform better than yesterdays results.

A Sign to come?

Friday, January 20, 2012

World's Longest Flights

I used to travel monthly on direct flights from jfk to the far east, specially shanghai or hong kong... but the thought of an 18 hour flight in a 24 inch coach size seat is still hard for my thought process to handle...  nice article in wsj about the rising popularity of direct ultra long flights

Thursday, January 19, 2012

ISS Astronaut Photography of Earth

This video was taken by the crew of Expedition 30 on board the International Space Station.

CES 2012 LG EM9600 World's largest and truly amazing 55-inch OLED TV

That Ultra definition promises picture quality of 8 million pixels – four times the resolution of existing full HD TVs (3840x2160).

You can also tinker about with the 3D depth as you watch and play on the set, while 3D Sound Zooming takes care of the tri-dimensional audio layout – the UD TV... LG is looking at launch around the second half of 2012.

1. What is OLED?

Way back in the 80's Kodak pioneered Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)... Now 30 years later this technology is poised to oust LCD just as LCD turned CRT's into roadside trash.

An OLED panel consists of a layer of organic, light-emitting material sandwiched between two conductors (an anode and a cathode). This diode layer emits light when an electric current is passed through it. A TV panel features thousands of OLED pixels mounted in rows and columns onto a TFT array. This is referred to as an Active Matrix OLED or AMOLED display.

2. No backlighting required

Because the organic material used in an OLED panel emits its own light when charged, there's no need for a separate backlight. In comparison, LG's newly announced LH9000 LED TV relies on backlighting technology that "uses hundreds of LED elements to individually brighten and dim the image on the screen."

More vivid, lifelike colors, much higher refresh rate for fast action video, wider viewing angels, and higher contrast ratios, Organic light emitting diode Tvs dramatically enhance the viewing experience. Each frame is super sharp... display technology naturally refresh up to a thousand times faster than an LCD. Their color gamut can exceed NTSC standards. And this displays feature almost 180 degree viewing angle and in inherent contrast ratio of > 1.000.000:1.... In other words... well there are no other words... this is the future of tv displays... only the cost is delaying adoption...

3. OLED outperforms LCD and LED

OLED TVs have several advantages over traditional LCD televisions.  the lack of a backlight means that OLED TVs can be extraordinarily thin – the Sony XEL-1, for example, is only 3mm thick; Sony's prototype 21-inch OLED TV is a mere 1.4mm.

OLED pixels can also be turned on and off much quicker, giving OLED TVs a faster refresh rate, greatly improved contrast and unparalleled brightness. OLED panels are also far more energy efficient.

No sign of Higgs but they did find a Quarkonium

The particle—the Chi-b(3P)—is a boson particle, like the famous Higgs particle, but is made up of two very heavy objects held together by a strong force, said the researchers. The Higgs is currently thought to exist as a single object.
Chi-b(3P) had been previously predicted but had until now remained unobserved. The Chi-b(3P) is a new way of binding together a “beauty quark and its antiquark”—collectively known as quarkonium, said the scientists in their research paper.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Satellite shows cruise ship Costa Concordia from space on Jan. 17, 2012. Ran aground in the Tuscan waters off of Giglio

DigitaGlobe Earth-observing satellite, shows the cruise ship Costa Concordia as it appearedl from space on Jan. 17, 2012. Cruise ship ran aground in the Tuscan waters off of Giglio, Italy on Friday, January 13, 2012.

Gasoline powered iPhone...

Well not really, but Exxon marketing materials have published some interesting facts about the old gallon of gasoline and we all have come to love and hate...

"All of the energy concentrated in one gallon of gasoline is enough to charge an iPhone once a day for almost 20 years."

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gallery Opening

Interesting Gallery Opening

Nice hidden areas around New York city for filming and just checking out

Download all the sony filmscripts that are nominated for oscars

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stephen Sherman New Overview Page

My new centralized page about me... The tech side and the art side...!/StephenSherman8


more reading now... Intel based specs for their new mobile and ultra laptop platform

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New York Web Performance Group

Presentation and Reading from NY webperformance 2012

Presentation materials on TechPresentations:
We also keep a list of books for our Books section at the sessions:

Desire.. as in mind altering speed... Beyond adjectives AMD Radeon HD 7970

Best 2011 particle effects

World's fastest single-GPU graphics card is now available in very limited quantities. Though no sign of my FedEx box from Radeon HD 7970 cards are listed for $550 with slightly overclocked XFX Black Edition is hitting $600.   My video rendering is waiting for installation of this monster...
Although it's pricey, the HD 7970 strikes somewhat of a balance in AMD's premium lineup when you compare it to the HD 6990. The dual-GPU card was 17% faster while costing 27% more and consuming 30% more power.
The HD 7970 might not deliver the same bang for your buck proposition as AMD's previous generation flagship cards, but it has secured the performance crown for the time being. Based on the dozen games that we tested, the HD 7970 was 17% faster than the GeForce GTX 580 at 2560x1600 and just 14% slower than the GTX 590.
overview of 7000 lineup

Radeon HD 7970 first graphics card to use AMD's Tahiti-based chip, a graphics core packed with 4.3 billion 28nm transistors. Some serious hardware..  384-bit memory bus capable of pushing 264GB of data per second, 2,048 stream processors, a mere 3-watt power draw while idling and can be automatically overclocked by 33 percent through AMD's Powertune software for those times you need a little boost.

Benchmarking the Benefits of PCI-E 3.0

cheaper slower version here

Next Generation Gaming Graphics

Ultra-Realistic 3D Gaming With DirectX® 11 Technology.
  • 2X Faster Tessellation
  • 24X Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA)
  • Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion (HBAO)
  • Particle Physics & Fluid Dynamics
  • Shader Model 5.0
  • DirectCompute 11 & OpenGL 4.2 Support
  • Multi-threading
  • HDR texture Compression

CES coverage 2012

Trying to attend both CES and Sundance,  but turning into ticketing nightmare... So am having to enjoy CES via others including venturebeat....

A Few Links to Great HTML 5 Games and Programming Sites

Some Links to Great HTML 5 Games and Programming Sites

Ok we all know HTML 5 and PHP (my biasJ) will take over the world but the big issue with HTML5 at the moment is that older browsers do not support it. But hey that’s present, though it is still shocking to see how many people are still on Win XP with ancient browers… HTML 5 Links that are cool… Or Flash… wasn’t that some superhero..  It was nice knowing the other Flash…

Top 10 Best HTML5 Websites of 2012
Here are our editor's picks for the Top 10 Best HTML5 Websites of 2012 based on visual artistry, integrated sound, ease of use, and uniqueness.

HTML5 games haven't been around long, but they are already shaping up to be the next big thing. That's one reason we were so pleased to see Opera developer Erik Möller's game Emberwind singled out for some well-deserved praise by HTML5 - Games . Org.

HTML 5 gaming conference

35 Great and Addictive HTML5 Games

Remind me again what FLASH was…

Women Gaming

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New York Subway System

I am a big believer in the usage of subway systems, especially the modernized systems in Asia,  Yet here in New York with one of the world's oldest subway systems, I was surprised to hear that there are over 842 miles of track, making it the largest in North America.

Spiderman on Broadway

went to previews ages ago, seems the newly revamped show is raking in the spidey green... "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" took in a whopping $2,941,794 last week, making it the weekly all-time top Broadway earning show