Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Samsung Unveils New Top-of-the-Line ES8000 Series LED HDTVs - Hands-on: gesture, voice

Next Generations of Samsung TVs are soon to be available...  Seemless Web Experience

"The slim-bodied (not much more than an inch thick) ES8000 models arrive with a narrow brushed aluminum bezel, a new U-shaped stand, and built-in Wi-Fi standard.
This is the fifth generation of Samsung's Smart TVs, now enhanced withSmart Interaction. This new suite of technologies allows users to access what we want to see and hear in intuitive new ways: With Voice Navigation we can speak certain handy catchphrases that turn on the television and take us directly to certain TV functions, including the built-in web browser powered by the Webkit engine. Gesture Control meanwhile puts our hands to work, waving and making fists to change channels and surf the web without the need for accessories. The top edge of the TV also contains an integrated camera with noise-canceling microphone for Skype video calls and more. With its Face Recognition, we can automatically log onto our Samsung Apps account, to use our favorites and download more."

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Damon said...

I’m really considering buying one of the Samsung ES8000 TVs! I can just imagine how it is going to look on my wall and I am already looking forward to football season. I have the HD channels from Dish and I think they are going to look brilliant on this TV. I’ve been asking a few of my colleagues at Dish which TVs were best, and Samsung has been said many times. The camera gesture feature seems a little gimmicky, but I think everything else will make me overlook that.