Friday, June 8, 2012

Galaxy S III - I have one simple request. It's so simple why dont we have it

Galaxy S III has this feature that should never have been implemented or marketed on this otherwise stunning phone, the so-called feature is if you're texting someone and then put the phone up to your ear it automatically calls that person.  Well ok,  but why is it everything I put my phone into my pocket or reach for something in my pocket it still auto dials...  This is the worst feature that anyone has created for a phone...  I've autocalled so many people because of this feature.  How about adding the feature option of never dialing when the phone is in your pocket...If they can't come up with useful ideas, well here is another idea that will be a killer feature everyone wants,  yet I have yet to see any one implement it correctly.. The phone screen orientation should match not only gravity BUT it should MATCH your facial orientation.  If I am in bed and looking at the phone on my side,  MATCH my orientation and NOT gravity..  So simple.  At the moment my phone never matches how I am looking at it when I am lying down and looking up at my phone.

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