Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mobile Windows 8 Announced Today

High-def handsets
Other new features announced at the Windows Phone Summit event in San Francisco included:
  • Support for multi-core chips, allowing devices to turn on cores to access extra processing power when needed, and to switch off cores when not to preserve battery life
  • The ability to work with different screen resolutions including the high definition 720p format
  • Support for removable Micro SD cards allowing users to store more media files or install apps saved on the format
  • A new "wallet" app allowing the phone to act as both credit and membership cards. It also supports NFC (near field communication) payments
  • Built-in maps from Nokia's Navteq division with turn-by-turn navigation
  • A more customisable start screen allowing users the choice of three tile sizes to represent installed software and more colour options
  • A warning alert if the software believes a website contains malware or is otherwise unsafe

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